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We at believe that buying or renting an apartment or house is an important step in life and that it is important to have verified information when making such a decision. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing accurate, relevant, and detailed listings, obtaining and providing information about the environment in which the properties are located, and even practical ideas on how to make the place where we live even more beautiful to live in.

Since the founding of, a real estate portal, we have been at the service of all those looking for a new home, and we create and develop a modern platform where users will be able to find an environment where they will love to live.

The main objective of our Real Estate portal is client satisfaction, whether they are real estate agencies or regular clients. We are making an effort to achieve this by means more adapted and efficient than our direct competition. In order to succeed, we have created a service set different than that of other portals in our domain. 

All agents and real estate owners can add their real estate offers to our site completely free of charge.

Our offer


  • We have created a place where the offers of many real estate agencies in Chicago, meet with real estate buyers' demand,
  • By your presence on our portal, you put forward your offer, and you improve your sales at the same time. We allow you to do so without asking for any financial participation in your sales,
  • Publication of ads for free,
  • Publication of ads in a quick and easy way, and the possibility of automatic import of a large number of listings. The team makes sure that your ads can appear on the portal as quickly as possible,
  • The place to improve your branding image, weather you're a big agency or a small one:
  • big agencies get to maintain their reputation and their offer level
  • small agencies get to enter the internet market race on the same level as big agencies - show that you exist !
  • by promoting your name and logo, you make your agency remarkable by other agencies and internet users